Ultimate Guide to Nebraska Furniture Mart Delivery Services

Nebraska Furniture Mart (NFM) offers a variety of delivery options to suit your needs, whether you’re purchasing a new couch or a complete set of appliances. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Nebraska Furniture Mart delivery services, from understanding free shipping offers to scheduling a convenient delivery date.

Free Delivery Options

NFM boasts a generous free delivery policy for many of their products. Here’s a breakdown of their free delivery offers:

Free Shipping on Furniture: Enjoy free delivery on furniture purchases of $349 or more. This applies to a wide range of furniture items, but keep in mind that some exclusions may apply, so be sure to check the product page for details.
Free Same-Day Delivery: In a rush? NFM offers same-day delivery for eligible items in as little as two hours. This is a great option for smaller furniture pieces or appliances that you need right away.
Additional Delivery Services

While free delivery covers a substantial portion of their products, NFM provides additional services for a fee to cater to your specific needs:

Next-Day Delivery: Need your items fast? For an additional cost, NFM offers next-day delivery on qualifying purchases made before the designated cut-off time.
Scheduled Delivery: Once your order is placed, you can schedule a convenient delivery date and time that works for you. This allows you to plan your day around the delivery and ensure someone is home to receive the items.
Room of Choice Placement: The NFM delivery team will bring your products into your home and place them in the room of your choice. This is particularly helpful for bulky items like furniture or appliances.
Appliance Installation: NFM offers appliance installation services for an additional fee. Their technicians can install your new refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, or other appliances, ensuring proper connection and functionality.
Important Considerations

Before finalizing your delivery options, here are some key points to keep in mind:

Delivery Area: Free and paid delivery services may not be available in all areas. Always check the NFM website or contact their customer service team to confirm delivery availability in your area.
Delivery Restrictions: Some items, like flooring materials, may have specific delivery or installation requirements. Be sure to understand any restrictions before placing your order.
Assembly Services: While NFM will bring your items into your home, assembly for furniture requiring it is generally not included in the delivery cost. Check the product details or contact NFM for information on assembly services.
Order Tracking: Once your delivery is scheduled, you can track the progress of your order on the NFM website. This allows you to see the estimated delivery timeframe and receive updates on the delivery day.
Tips for a Smooth Delivery

Plan Ahead: Measure doorways and ensure the designated placement area has enough space for your new furniture or appliances.
Clear the Path: Remove any obstacles from the delivery path, such as furniture or boxes, to ensure a smooth entry for the delivery team.
Prepare for Pets: If you have pets, it’s best to restrain them in another room during the delivery to avoid any potential accidents or disruptions.
Inspect the Items: Upon delivery, carefully inspect your items for any damage. Note any concerns on the delivery receipt before signing.

Nebraska Furniture Mart offers a variety of delivery options to suit your needs and budget. By understanding their free shipping offers, additional services, and important considerations, you can ensure a smooth and convenient delivery experience for your next furniture or appliance purchase.

Ultimate Guide to Nebraska Furniture Mart Delivery Services